Friday, 30 November 2018

Clockhouse Weekly Wow

Here is this week's Weekly Wow and as usual there are a lot of things to 'wow' about this week.

The Dojo League

The Dojo League!

The Dojo League continued this week - well done everyone for helping your class!

The dojo scores have been analysed and the results are in!

Reception and Key Stage 1:
A big well done to Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Italy, Spain and Canada who lead the Reception and Key Stage 1 Dojo league, with France are just behind them in second place with Mexico and USA in third.

Key Stage 2:
A big well done to New Zealand who have take the overall lead of the Key Stage 2 league with Argentina and Fiji in second place with Peru in third.

Well done to everyone for really trying to earn Dojos for their class.

The attendance winners this week are...

Great attendance leads to 
great learning and progress!

Congratulations to the three classes below who are our winners for this week - keep it up!

A big well done to this weeks winners who are:

Mexico - 98.3%
Uganda - 97.0%
New Zealand - 98.0%

A huge well done to all three classes above! An even bigger well done to Uganda who win for the third week in a row!

Only 5 classes were in the Green Zone last week with an attendance above 96% - this really does need to improve next week!

A further well done to Nursery AM, France, Italy, Mexico and Peru who all had no lates this week. We are hoping for a few more classes next week!

Whole school attendance for this week is:


Whole school attendance currently stands at


Well done everyone and thank you all for your continued support in ensuring that the
children come to school everyday and on time!

It is still important that we all work to improve our attendance. 
Please remember that our school target is 96%.

Christmas is coming!

Please be aware of this letter which came home this week.

Making the Impossible Possible - Going Above the Above and Beyond the Beyond Celebration

Hot Chocolate with the Head!

As you all know we are constantly striving to improve Clockhouse for your children.

This year we are all working at 'Making the Impossible Possible - Going Above the Above and Beyond the Beyond' to ensure our school is a fabulous place to be. Each week, the Heads of Year as well as Miss Ward, Mr Bottrill and Mrs Savidge choose a person (child or adult) who has been seen to do this!

This week the following Clockhouse Citizens have been seen to 'Making the Impossible Possible - Going Above the Above and Beyond the Beyond':

Reception - Tyler M for being super kind to others and trying extra hard with is learning
Year 1 - Connie S-W for being a wonderful friend to a child who has just joined the class.
Year 2 - Ronnie C for showing amazing enthusiasm to his learning and for an amazing home learning project.
Year 3 - Denzel A-B for working exceptionally hard with his writing.
Year 4 - Harry T for passing his maths challenge every single week since September. 
Year 5 - Keira C for passing her maths challenge every single week for the last 8 weeks and for showing great kindness and friendship to others.
Year 6 - Chloe L for her fantastic perseverance in her learning and never giving up.
Miss Ward - Evie P for showing great improvement in her maths and literacy learning.
Mr Bottrill - Freddy R for persevering with his maths work and making great progress.
Mrs Savidge - Charlie B for being a fantastic role model to others and trying so hard in all areas of school life.

Well done to all these children and all the other children who have 'Made the Impossible Possible and Gone Above the Above and Beyond the Beyond this week!

We are looking forward to Hot Chocolate Friday next week to celebrate with more Clockhouse fantastic people!

Poppy Competition winners

Well done and thank you to all the families who took part in the poppy making competition to mark Remembrance Day. Your contributions were overwhelming and the thought and care that had gone into making them was wonderful.

This morning in assembly the winners were announced and the prizes were given. All prizes were from the charity Help the Heroes to further show our support. First place received the bear, 2nd place the yoyo and third place the wristband!

Well done everyone!

1st - Azra K
2nd - Maddie S
3rd - Shaney-Rae L

Year 1
1st - Leani F
2nd - Ben A
3rd - Harrison L

Year 2
1st - Lily B
2nd - Alfie R
3rd - Oakley M

Year 3
1st - George G
2nd - Ted A
3rd - Scarlett C

Year 4
1st - Luke F
2nd - Harry H
3rd - Dillan C

Year 5
1st - Will S
2nd - Sebastian S
3rd - Ryan H

Year 6
1st - Lola P-W
2nd - Ronnie L-B
3rd - Charlie H

Citizen of the Week

Citizen of the Week!

Well done to the following children who are this weeks Clockhouse Citizen of the Week:

Reception - Lewis M-H
Year 1 - Emily S
Year 2 - Erin Y
Year 3 - Shahmeer M
Year 4 - Mason E
Year 5 - Taylor J
Year 6 - Caitlin S

We have many fantastic citizens at Clockhouse and look forward to rewarding them!

Well done everyone!

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Monday, 26 November 2018

Year 6 trip to the British Museum

Year 6 had a great time at the British Museum today and learnt lots about the Vikings and lots more that they will be using to inform their learning this term.

Not only did they learn lots of information, they had a great time and they certainly displayed the fantastic Clockhouse Citizens that they are to the public.

Well done Year 6!