Wednesday, 31 October 2018

October Newsletter

Please be aware of the October Newsletter which will come home yesterday.

Clocks retain Havering Netball League North title!

Yesterday Clockhouse took part in the new format netball league. As defending champions the team always set themselves high expectations. Despite the change in weather the team wanted to get out early and get moving.

Clockhouse dominated the afternoon really making a statement to other schools in the borough.

First up Clockhouse met Mawney. Despite the shooters taking a while to get their eye in Clockhouse had full control of territory and possession. As the shooters began scoring Clockhouse had a steady flow of success winning their first league game in emphatic style.

FINAL SCORE: Clockhouse 11 vs 0 Mawney

SCORERS: Lily S-E x 8 and Mia C x 3

Next up was Clocks toughest test of the afternoon, St Albans. The opposition moved at a frantic pace but Clockhouse technically picked their opponents apart with some precise passing and great movement off the ball. At full time Clockhouse successfully kept their 2nd opponent scoreless.

FINAL SCORE: Clockhouse 6 vs 0 St Albans

SCORERS: Lily S-E x 4 and Mia C x 2

Finally Clockhouse played St Peters knowing a win guaranteed them a fourth league title in succession. Clockhouse were in a ruthless mood and showed a hunger for success limiting the amount of time St Peters had possession of the ball for. When the final whistle blew Clocks had recorded their highest score  of the day and secured the 2018 Havering North League Title.

FINAL SCORE: Clockhouse 16 vs 1 St Peters 

SCORERS: Holly W x 5, Lily S-E x 4, Kayleigh S x 4 and Mia C x 3

Mr Yarrow said 'In previous years Clockhouse have been known as a strong netball school and every year when we loose our senior players to secondary school I can not help but worry. Once again the Clockhouse children have stepped up and filled the big shoes they had to fill. I think a lot of this continued stem of amazing players comes from the hard work Mrs Hickman puts in with the younger netball children and sometimes it goes unnoticed so I just wanted to say a personal thank you. I am really looking forward to playing a game in November where we will take 3 teams to Squirrels Heath and really show our strength in depth!

I must also thank Miss Ettridge for her umpiring and general game knowledge that really gives the squad a greater netball understanding. Also thank you to our, as always, loyal supportive parents!

Today was great for the school the netball squad looked incredible and to win a league title in the first term of the new year is a massive achievement!!! It wasn't just the win it was the class they showed to beat other sides. I felt sorry for Brooke A, Kayleigh S,  Hayden M and John O who rotated in defence today but had little work to do in the cold due to the strong attacking performances! Keep up the great sporting success!'

SQUAD: Brooke A,  Hayden M,  Holly W,  Max N,  Ruby N,  Lily S-E (c), Mia C, Kayleigh S, John O, & Frankie R


Monday, 29 October 2018

Introducing our brand new Outdoor Fitness Suite

Today our brand new facility was finished and we cannot wait for the children to start using it in the very near future!

Girls match boys with big win first time out!

Tonight Clockhouse got to host our first sports fixture of the season when local neightbours Oasis Pinewoods made the trip up Clockhouse Lane.

Both teams seemed nervous at the start but two early goals one each way did a lot to calm the nerves.

As the half rolled on Clockhouse looked to play the ball around and managed to create further opportunities. Lily S-E finishing a first half hat-trick while Mia C scored on her Clockhouse debut. Pinewoods made some great breaks with some strong dribbles into the Clockhouse half but Kayleigh S at the back worked hard to limit the visitors chances.

The second half was a very fiercly contested midfield battle. Both teams trying to unlock the others hard work at the back. Clockhouse were first to strike as Lily S-E grabbed her fourth of the game. But Pinewoods answered back with their second of the contest. As the game wore on Clockhouse launched nunerous attacks but the Pinewoods keeper did well to keep them in the game. The last say of the game went to captain Holly W who put in Clocks 7th and final goal.

After the game Mr Yarrow said 'This was a fantastic game of girls football, you wouldn't believe this was both schools first run outs of the season, the standard was so high!

Thank you to Mark and the team at Collier Row FC for getting the pitch in the best conditon I have seen it in months.

Credit to our guests today, always an enjoyable fixture! Mr Sheldrick has done a great job with his players!

Thank you to Mr McGlinchey for once again leading an incredible group of ambitious young players and a big thank you to the sideline support, you really make a difference!

For me what was great today, was not only did the Clockhouse girls play brilliantly in their first appearance together with a number of debutant,s but so many girls from both schools got the opportunity to play fun challenging football. Both Clockhouse and Pinewoods have a partnership this year with She Can Play promiting girls football. It was also great to have young Daisy referee. A great advert for girls football!'

FINAL SCORE: Clockhouse 7 vs 2 Oasis Pinewoods

SQUAD: Brooke A, Kayleigh S, Andreja R, Ruby N, Lily S-E, Mia C, Holly W (c), Ruby L and Miley B

SCORERS: Lily S-E x 4, Mia C and Holly W


Brilliant News!

Well done to the 280 children (just over half the school) who had 100% attendance last half term - this is an amazing achievement! 

The winning Year Group was Year 3 who had 53 children with 100% attendance, closely followed by Year 1 and Year 4 with 47 children.

The winning class was Brazil with 22 children having 100% attendance with Uganda closely behind them with 18 children.

Well done everyone, can we beat it this half term?

No Cost Uniform Shop - this week

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Weekly reminders for week beginning 29th October 2018

Welcome back to the new half term everyone!

We look forward to welcoming everyone back to school tomorrow (Monday 29th October). We hope that you all had a lovely holiday and are ready and raring to go for the new term ahead!

We have a quieter weak to get us started this term!

As you will see there has been significant works going on in the school during the holiday and we hope you like the improvements as much as we do! Please can we ask that children do not go on the new Outdoor Fitness Suite as this is not finished and as with other outdoor equipment the children are not permitted to go on this before or after school as they are not with a school member of staff - thank you in advance for your cooperation with this.

Reception - Year 6
Please remember that the flu immunisations will be taking place on Wednesday.

Parents Evening 
Do not forget that on Wednesday and Thursday of this week it is Parents Evening after school (Wednesday and Thursday 8th November for Italy). Teachers have been busy making appointments for everyone, so if, as yet, you do not have an appointment please contact your child's class teacher on Monday to make arrangements for a meeting. There will be a questionnaire for parents to complete whilst you are waiting. We do appreciate that this takes time but your feedback is invaluable to us as we continually strive to improve the educational experience we provide for the children and families we serve. Please do bring your children with you as they are eager to share their learning with you.

School Photographs
Following the letter that came out before the holidays, please remember that individual school photographs will be taken on Friday 2nd November.  Children who have brothers and sisters in school will also have the family photos taken during the day. However, if you wish to your children photographed with children who do not attend the school there is the opportunity to have this done before school on Friday. Please go the Key Stage 2 hall from 8am.

Good luck to the girls football team who play local rivals Pinewood after school on Monday. This will be at home. Good luck also to the Netball team who take part in the Netball League on Tuesday.

Letters that went out last week:
The following letters went out last week:
Sumdog Consent (Year 3, 5 and 6)

Look out for the October Newsletter coming home this week.

Have a good week everyone!

For more information about our school please visit our school website using the following link:

Friday, 26 October 2018

The transformation continues!

The transformation of the seated area outside the staffroom has continued throughout the week and we hope it will be completed on Monday.

Did any of you guess correctly?

We are very pleased and proud to introduce to you our very own fantastic 'Clockhouse Outdoor Fitness Suite'!

What a wonderful resource for the children which supppots our strive to help children further develop healthier lifestyles.

What do you think?

Making Clockhouse a better place - half term renovations!

It has been non-stop at Clockhouse since the children left last Thursday!

New blinds have been fitted in the majority of classrooms, with blinds for the remaining classes on order:

New outdoor lighting has been installed to ensure that the the playgrounds are well illuminated as the evenings get darker:

New doors in Year 1 and Year 5 have been installed:

The whole of the car park has been remarked:

As well as number of ICT related things!

BUT... the best is yet to come - watch this space!

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Faberge Eggs in Year 5

The children are enjoying their theme European Adventure and particularly enjoyed learning about Russia. They designed and made some beautiful Faberge Eggs.

New School Lunch Menu

Please follow the link below to the new school lunch menu that starts on Monday!

Clockhouse Primary School Lunch Menu

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

The transformation has begun!

Anymore guesses as to what is happening?

Investigating pulse rates

Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed the end to their Science unit where they carried out an experiment to investigate whether your heart rate is slower or quicker if your heads are lower than your heart and what the reason for this.

Speak to a Year 6 pupil to discover what they found out!

Time to hunt for treasure in Year 2

Year 2 had a great time applying all their maths learning to complete the treasure hunt that was set for them.

They had to use their maths skills to solve the clues in order to spell different words linked to the theme 'Polar Regions'.

They had lots of fun, whilst learning and working as a team!