Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Condover Hall Update

The children have had a great time at the Silent Disco as have the adults!

They are back at base and safely tucked up in bed. They have breakfast at 7.30am, then they are off to Blitz Hill.

This will be the last update tonight. I am really sorry, I have been trying for the last two hours to upload the video but it will not work. I will do it first thing in the morning. I really am sorry but rest assured the children are fine and having a great time!

April Newsletter

Please be aware of the April Newsletter which come home this week.

Condover Hall Update

The children are having a great day and enjoying every minute of their trip. They have had a lovely lunch, the sun is shining and they are off to do their afternoon activities! 

Their behaviour continues to be wonderful and they continue to be a credit to the school.

Here is a video from this morning to keep you all going:

Condover Hall update

The children have had a good night and they are all absolutely fine. They are all up and are off to breakfast and then activities start at 9am. They have a number of activities to complete today, including Trapeze, Laser Maze, Survival Skills, Archery and Conquest followed by a Silent Disco tonight. They are all having lots of fun and are looking forward to the day ahead.

Monday, 29 April 2019

Condover Hall update

All is going well at Condover Hall. They enjoyed dinner especially the chocolate cake and the children have completed the Run Around Quis this evening. They are now back at base and are getting ready for bed. Their behaviour has been exemplary - a credit to the school and you all! They are having a fabulous time and enjoying every minute as are the staff! This will be the final update tonight.

Breakfast is at 7.50am and we will update you in the morning.

Please follow the link below to see some photos from today:

Condover Hall Day 1

Condover Hall Update

The Year 5 children have arrived safely at Condover Hall and are familiarising themselves with their new environment. They are having a wonderful time, are settling in and are all happy. They start their first activity shortly.

Making the Impossible Possible - Going Above the Above and Beyond the Beyond Celebration

Hot Chocolate with the Head!

As you all know we are constantly striving to improve Clockhouse for your children.

This year we are all working at 'Making the Impossible Possible - Going Above the Above and Beyond the Beyond' to ensure our school is a fabulous place to be. Each week, the Heads of Year as well as Miss Ward, Mr Bottrill and Mrs Savidge choose a person (child or adult) who has been seen to do this!

This week the following Clockhouse Citizens have been seen to 'Making the Impossible Possible - Going Above the Above and Beyond the Beyond':

Reception - Alfie T for always trying to apply his learning to different situations.
Year 1 - Amelia E for showing great perseverance with her learning.
Year 2 - Racim A for showing amazing improvement in his writing.
Year 3 - Macey-Lee J for being a great friend to others.
Year 4 - Mrs Mortimer for being a wonderful help to everyone.
Year 5 - Rhys M-H for showing a huge improvement with his Literacy work through perseverance.
Year 6 - Skye R for putting in an amazing effort to improve her learning.
Mrs Haskell - Mrs O'Connor for being a great help with the Travel Plan re-accreditation.
Miss Ward - Ray D for really pushing himself out of his comfort zone.
Mr Bottrill - Lee-Buddy B for a significant, all round improvement.
Mrs Savidge - London P-T for showing great enthusiasm in his learning.

Well done to all these children and all the other children who have 'Made the Impossible Possible and Gone Above the Above and Beyond the Beyond this week!

We are looking forward to Hot Chocolate Friday next week to celebrate with more Clockhouse fantastic people!

Condover Hall update

The children are all fine and enjoying their lunch at the service station. We will keep you updated as often as possible.

Sunday, 28 April 2019

Weekly reminders for week beginning 29th April 2019

Welcome back to the Summer Term everyone! 

We all hope that you have had a fantastic Easter Holiday and enjoyed lots of time with family and friends as well as lots of chocolate! Thank you to all the parents and families who came into school during the last week of term to support their children and the staff, we really are grateful and it was lovely to welcome so many of you into school.

As you are aware we are back to school tomorrow (29th April) and are looking forward to seeing everyone bright and early! As always our focus on attendance and punctuality continues so do please make sure that the children arrive on time everyday!

Please ensure that all the children return to school with all the necessary equipment they require - full P.E. kits, water bottles, coats, home learning, reading books and anything else they need. Please can we also remind you of the importance of full school uniform (no nail varnish) and that this along with coats are clearly named.

Year 3
The Year 3 children are looking forward to welcoming Portals to the Past for their Ancient Greek Day on Thursday. The children are also invited to dress up for this. Please send the money into school for this if you have not done so already.

Year 5
We all hope that Year 5 have a fabulous time at Condover Hall. Please remember to meet your group leader in the canteen on Monday morning. The children will be departing at 10am promptly if you wish to wave them off. Updates about the trip will be on the school blog, dojo and website as well as being by the main office door.

If your child is not going to Condover Hall, please ensure that the children come to school with their swimming kit on Monday as they will be going swimming on Monday morning. Please ensure consent forms for their trip to Bower Park are also returned on Monday if you have not done so already.

No Cost Uniform Shop
Our No Cost Uniform Shop will be back open on Thursday after school in the Key Stage 1 ICT Suite. Please do come along as there is lots of uniform etc. to give away.

Letters that went out the week before the holiday:
The following letters went before the holiday:
Celebration Assemblies
Secondary School Transfer Process (Year 5)
Not going to Condover Hall (Year 5)
Greek Day (Year 3)
Mountfitchet Trip (Year 2)

Here's to another successful term at Clockhouse Primary! See you all tomorrow and have a good week everyone!

For more information about our school please visit our school website using the following link Clockhouse Primary School website

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Summer Term Dates

The calendar on the school website has now been updated withlots of dates for the Summer Term. We are certainly going to be busy!

Please go to the school website www.clockhouseprimaryschool.co.uk and click on Calendar Dates.

Year 5 Production

Please take the time to look at our short video of the fabulous Year 5 production of Matilda.

Follow the link below:


Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Year 4 visit The Church of the Good Shepherd

Year 4 had a great time visiting The Church of the Good Shepherd last week to learn about Easter.

Thanks must go to our very own Mr Giddy for making their visit so special!

Sunday, 14 April 2019

We are in the paper!

It has been lovely to see the Reception children in the paper this week.

Follow the link below to see the pictures in the paper (on page 40):

Romford Recorder

Golden Letter Success - Spring Term 2019

A huge well done to all the children below who, last term, recieved a Golden Letter of Success from Mrs Savidge. This was either for Outstanding Work, being an Outstanding Clockhouse Citizen or showing Outstanding Behaviour. If you have not received letters yet, they are on their way!

What an honour and we are all very proud of you!

We will be busy looking for who will receive this awarded in the Summer Term when we go back to school.

Oliver L
Freddie N
Penny D

Asvigan S
Isla S
Freya J
Maia A
Armandas G
David C
Avani C
Aidan V
Noah J

Year 1 
Hayley R
Lukas V
Natalie N
Harry J
Inaya R
Joe S
Annabelle L
Arooshay E
Charlie J

Year 2
Olly A
Alessya B
Fabian S
Aania H
River S
Tristan W
Chloe D
Georgie-Mai R
Faith W
Ria A
Lucas P
Archie N

Year 3
Willow S-W
Ryan C
Alexander C
Isaac T
Charlotte T
Ava C
Chima I
Tia B
Shahmeer M

Year 4
Melanie A
Jack W
Zak F
Temi A
Samuel D
Harlie D
Dan-Luka N
Emma S
Shaila C
Leah G
Harry H
Olivia F
Lola C
Alvin S

Year 5
Emma S
Kamran B
Louie H
Cailin P
Jorgie B
Luke B
Charlie M
Alexie B
Gracie R
Chloe P
Oliver G
Chloe D
Lee-Buddy B

Year 6
Lavina N
Mehnaj A
Saron T
Amy E
Ruby L
Max N
Lilybell C
Holly W
Daniel G
Lewis G
Yoyo O
John O
Aisha-Ann A
Ronnie L-B
Sabiha R

Toby A
Teddy O
Tyler C

Year 3 make a good 'cuppa'!

Year 3 had a great time learning their life skill for this term.

We are sure you will agree learning to make a good cup of tea is a very important skill to learn. They all had a great time and enjoyed putting their newly learnt skill into practice.

Book Week

We all had a great time during our recent Book Week.

We enjoyed all the work we did based around a given text and loved getting to share books with different people.

Thanks to those who came in to share with us!