Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Clockhouse take to the club environment to get more game time

Yesterday evening Clockhouse took a big squad to New Campbell Netball Club. The children were invited to take part in a vigorous warm up and some fast paced drills before playing a match.

The game grew into life with the Clockhouse team playing against people mixed from Year 5 up to Year 7.

New Campbell took an early lead after the first third but Clockhouse soon hit back to level the game. Clockhouse played with pace and were made to work hard for every opportunity, especially when facing New Campbell's Year 7 girls. 

The devastating shooting quality of New Campbell ended up being the difference in the later stages of the game but Clockhouse held their own as they build up momentum ahead of the Havering Borough Cup quarter final. There were stages when Clockhouse exploded into action and other times when New Campbell's age and tactical experience was clear to  see.

All in all a positive learning curve for the team. An impressive debut from Holly W and team Clockhouse continue to build momentum.

The netball team are back in action tomorrow when they travel to Dagenham to play Thomas Arnold.

Final Score: Clockhouse 3 vs 8 New Campbell Netball Club

Scorers: Katie G, Lily S-E and Sophie L

Squad: Grace D, Darcie L, Ruby N, Rachel C, Max N, Lily S-E, Holly W, Beth C (c), Charlie B, Kayleigh M, Bobby I and Sophie L

Player of the Match: Ruby N

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