Saturday, 14 April 2018

Golden Letter of Success Spring Term 2018

A huge well done to all the children below who, last term, recieved a Golden Letter of Success from Mrs Savidge. This was either for Outstanding Work, being an Outstanding Clockhouse Citizen or showing Outstanding Behaviour.

What an honour and we are all very proud of you!

We will be busy looking for who will receive this awarded in the Summer Term when we go back to school.

Cooper B
David C
Harriette P
Lois M

Annabelle L
Connie S
Daniel R
Dolly-Rose D
Emily T
Mya W
Riley O
Rosie S
Teddy P

Year 1 
Ellas R
Ethan J
Finn N
Gracie B
Jax P
Kama S
Nathan B
Ria A
Ronnie C

Year 2
Alex C
Chloe S
Emily P
Finley R
Hamza S
Harry H
Jayda J
Karla S
Mason S
Mikey B
Taya H
Tyler L

Year 3
Abigail L
Aleeza M
Billy C
Emma S
Graham A
Harrison D
Jack W
Megan H
Melaine A
Millie I
Olivia A
Olivia F
Umamah F

Year 4
Alexie B
Aleysha M
Attila P
Cassie G
Charlie C
Chloe D
Daisy W
Ela B
Elise H
Hannah T
Jessica G
Joshua N
Morgan T
Nasima A-R
Nicholas H
Oliver J
Russell L

Year 5
Dhian B
Ella P
Freya W
John O
Lilybell C
Lucy W
Mehnaj A
Nuha R
Romisa H
Ruby N
Yoyo O

Year 6
Abarna R
Alisha H
Beht C
Darci L
Emily G
Franky B
Freya J
Harrison A
Jack J
James G
James O
Jesse M
Katie G
Leylan S
Milly-Rose G
Mitchell T

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