Friday, 20 April 2018

Core Value Award Winners

As you know, each half term the children choose a Core Value Award winner for their class. This is an award which was devised by the children to recognise those children who consistently demonstrate meeting Clockhouse's Core Value.

All the children below were chosen by their class this half term for continually demonstrating, motivation, aspiration, excellence, respect, commitment and consistency:

Wales – Aaron P-P
Scotland – Rosie S
Northern Ireland – Angel S
France – Holly G
Italy – Jessica P
Spain – Jax P
USA – Mikey B
Canada – Tyler L
Mexico – Jayda J
Peru – Leah G
Argentina – Harry T
Brazil – Lois B
Uganda – Jessica T and Ela B
South Africa - Macey S
Kenya – Jorgie B
China – Joseph T
Japan – Holly W
India – Finley O
Australia – Milly-Rose G, Alfie P, Riley V and Tahsin C
New Zealand – Lola C and Jesse M
Fiji – Giulia N and Maisy S

Well done everyone, a great achievement for great Clockhouse citizens!

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