Friday, 27 April 2018

Great news, attendance improves again - well done! The attendance winners this week are...

Great attendance leads to 
great learning and progress!

Congratulations to the three classes below who are our winners for this week - keep it up! 

A big well done to this weeks winners who are:

Wales and France - 100%
Argentina - 99.33%
Japan - 98.57%

A huge well done to all three classes above who all have great attendance this week. Wales, France and Argentina will receive prizes in next Friday's celebration for having attendance above 99%. Wales and France will also be rewarded with a non-uniform day for having 100% attendance - date to follow.

An amazing 17 classes were in the Green Zone this week with an attendance above 96% - a huge well done and thank you to you all!

A further well done to Wales, Scotland, France, Canada, USA, Peru, Argentina and Japan who
 had no children arriving late to school this week!

Whole school attendance for this week is:


Whole school attendance currently stands at


Well done everyone and thank you all for your continued support in ensuring that the
children come to school everyday and on time!

It is still important that we all work to improve our attendance. 
Please remember that our school target is 96%.

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